Launch Plan
LatteSwap will officially launch on the 19th of September, 2021. Our launch will be done in three phases:

Phase 1: LatteStore opens for business ๐ŸŽจ

Phase 1of LatteSwap launch will begin at block #11047888 (approximately Sunday, 19th of September 2021, 10:00 UTC).
Upon the launch of phase 1, you will get the unique opportunity to purchase our most coveted OG NFT and Booster NFT from LatteStore. These NFTs are released in limited quantities, so be sure to grab them while supply lasts! The sales period will only last for two weeks.


Holders of OG NFTs receive a portion of LATTE rewards in perpetuity. Learn more about the OG NFTs here. There will never be more OG NFTs created. Any unsold OG NFTs after the sales period will never be minted.
In order to reward our early adopters, we have employed a tiered pricing mechanic on the sales of OG NFTs. Users who purchase OG NFTs earlier will be able to get their hands on the NFTs at a cheaper price. The total supply of each OG NFT series will be split and sold in three tranches, with tranche #1 having the lowest price and tranche #3 having the highest price. The sales will start with tranche #1 until supply runs out, and then move onto tranche #2 and then subsequently onto tranche #3. Below is a summary of the amount of supply and price by tranche of each OG NFT series.

Booster NFTs

Booster NFTs can be used to stake together with your LP positions to earn boosted LATTE rewards. Learn more about the booster NFTs here.
The sale prices for all the series are fixed at 3.88 BNB per card with a total of 888 cards released per series.
Be careful of fake NFTs! Verify the smart contract addresses below:

Phase 2: Bonus rewards period begins ๐Ÿ’ธ

Phase 2 of LatteSwap will begin at the Block #11068888 (approximately Monday, 20th of September 2021, 03:00 UTC). This will be the genesis block for LATTE token.
  • We will start providing LATTE rewards to selected LP pools and single-asset staking pools
    • Eligible single-asset staking pools:
      • BUSD
      • wBNB
      • ETH
      • BTCB
      • CAKE
      • XVS
      • ibALPACA
      • EPS
      • BELT
    • LP pools that will receive LATTE Rewards
      • BTCB-BUSD
      • BNB-BUSD
      • ETH-BUSD
      • ETH-BNB
      • BTCB-BNB
      • ETH-BTCB
      • USDT-BUSD
      • USDC-BUSD
  • You can start using the swap function on the exchange
  • OG NFTs holders start receiving LATTE rewards
  • Start receiving boosted reward from booster NFTs (must stake Booster NFT with your LP positions)
In order to encourage early participation on the LatteSwap platform and bootstrap our liquidity pools, we are implementing a two-week bonus rewards period where LATTE emission will be 8.0x the normal emission rate in the first week and 5.0x the normal emission rate in the second week.โ€Œ
It is also our goal to distribute LATTE tokens to as many holders as possible and attract users from various communities on BSC to try out our products. Thatโ€™s why we are also creating single-asset staking pools where user can stake eligible tokens to receive LATTE rewards during the first two days of LatteSwapโ€™s launch.โ€Œโ€Œ To see the eligible pools list for single-asset staking and more detail on the bonus rewards period, please click here.
60% of the rewards during the bonus period will be locked for ~ 3 months, and linearly distributed over the 6 months. The remaining 40% are unlocked immediately. However, subsequent emission has no lockup.

Phase 3: LATTE-BUSD and LATTE single asset staking rewards

Phase 3 will begin approximately 4 hours after Phase 2. (approximately Monday, 20th of September 2021, 07:00 UTC.) We will turn on LATTE rewards for LATTE-BUSD pool and LATTE single-asset staking.