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All of LatteSwap's NFTs have their own backstories. You can read them here to get to know them better!

Booster NFT Series

Soy Milk

Soy Milk - The Determined Scholar
Hailing from China, Soy Milk was born over 500 years ago to his mother, Tofu. Although he grew up in a wealthy household, Soy Milk's childhood wasn't a bed of roses. Tofu, a strict, tiger parent, had high expectations of her children. To mold them into the most capable heirs for the Soy family, Tofu pitted Soy Milk against his twin brother, Soy Sauce. The two competed to become the head of the household and to inherit the family's wealth. The loser would be left with nothing.
As you can imagine, this strained Soy Milk's relationship with Soy Sauce and left them less as siblings and more as rivals. Although Soy Milk was a gifted scholar, Soy Sauce always seemed to be one step ahead. Everyday, Soy Sauce would ridicule Soy Milk for not being as smart as him. However, Soy Milk believed that grit and perseverance would ultimately make him the better of the two.
At the age of 18, both Soy Milk & Soy Sauce participated in the Chinese imperial examination. Tofu dictated that whoever scored higher would become the Soy family's successor. When the results came out, however, Soy Milk learned that grit and perseverance were not enough. He finished second only to his twin brother. Disappointed and embarrassed, Soy Milk left China to start a new life in Mato Grosso, Brazil, where there are many large soybean farms, allowing him to stay close to his roots.
A few years later, he had learned through his mother that Soy Sauce had admitted to cheating on the exam. Realizing the unfairness of the situation, Soy Milk was drenched in anger and vowed to become the wealthier of the two. A chip on his shoulder, Soy Milk started traveling the world in search of business opportunities to propel his wealth above what his younger brother could have dreamt of. Having grown up in a conservative family, however, Soy Milk prefers to err on the side of caution and only makes low-risk investments. He is looking for a business partner with whom he plans to amass his immense wealth.

Are you looking for a business partner to help take your yields from stablecoin pairs to the next level? Soy Milk is ready! Are you?

Almond Milk

Almond Milk - The Data-driven Mathematics Wizard
Born and raised in Sacramento Alley, California, which is notably home to quite a list of almond farms, Almond Milk’s life was perfect. Almond Milk Sr., his father, was a quantitative hedge fund mogul. Whenever they spent time together, his father would talk about different models and ideas revolving around quantitative investing. This kindled in Almond Milk a love for investing and mathematics from a very young age.
Almond Milk was an intelligent kid. As a 14-year-old, he scored in the top 99th percentile on the SAT, won gold medals at three different Olympiads, and received full scholarships to attend the best mathematics programs in the country at Princeton, MIT, and Stanford. A bred Californian, Almond Milk wanted to stay close to home and decided to attend Stanford.
At Stanford, his love for mathematics and investing grew. He began developing quantitative stocks trading models that yielded him humongous returns. But as bright as his future looked, he could not have prepared for what was to come.
In January of 2021, his father, Almond Milk, Sr. held a short position in GameStop. When retail investors, fueled by subreddits like ‘r/Wallstreet Bets’, drove up the price of the stock, he refused to close his position until his broker squeezed him out. Almond Milk Sr. had to file for bankruptcy , and Almond Milk, Jr. spent every cent of his newly gained wealth to pay a fraction of the debt.
Determined to help his family get back on track, Almond Milk entered the world of cryptocurrency and adjusted his models for the cryptocurrency space. However, there is one important limitation of his models – they are highly quantitative and rely on large amounts of data. As a result, they only work with assets with large market caps & trading volumes like BTC, ETH, and BNB.
Even though the models are ready, Almond Milk lacks the most important thing: capital. Do you like farming on popular asset pairs with large market caps and trading volumes? Do you have your capital prepared and are looking to multiply your yields? Look no further – Almond Milk and his quantitative models are ready to take your yields to new heights!

Whole Milk

Whole Milk - The Savvy Business Consultant
A Swiss by birth and upbringing, Whole Milk is a handsome, extroverted, and charming gentleman. As someone who is always the most liked person in the room, he makes new friends wherever he goes. Not only was he good-looking, but he was also intelligent and athletic. In school, he was first in every subject in his class. And even when he was younger than all his teammates, he was the captain of four sports teams throughout the years.
Needless to say, he won the genetic lottery. It seemed that the only thing he was bad at was being bad at things. However, nobody is perfect, including Whole Milk, as he actually suffers greatly from indecisiveness. He could not make up his mind to save his own life. To him, making a decision was as exacting and draining as trying to solve world hunger. Choosing what to make for dinner was more painful for him than being punched in the face by Mike Tyson in his prime.
As a young lad, Whole Milk once spent six hours choosing between chocolate and strawberry ice cream––which left both him and his parents equally as frustrated. As he grew, his indecisiveness spilled into other parts of his life beyond ice cream flavors. As someone who is tall, handsome, and well-built, he was mighty popular among girls. At one point, he dated seven at once, dedicating each day of the week to each of them. It was not that he was a womanizer; he just couldn’t choose which one he liked more.
His first job out of college was at a top-tier management consulting firm. Working in consulting meant that he didn't have to choose a specific industry. The firm chose it for him. As an employee there, he traveled the world and made many new connections. His business acumen and friendly personality drew him close to the leaders of many industries like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk. Five years ago, after having been a consultant for 20 years, Whole Milk left his firm and became a freelancer. He hasn't worked on a project since his exit, but not due to a lack of clients. No, many are lined up to hire him. But he simply couldn't pick one to work for!
Would you like to leverage Whole Milk's well-rounded business acumen to help elevate your yields on any of the farming pools? Now is your chance!

Keopi Guard

Keopi Guard - The Ruthless Operator
In an alternate Latte universe, cryptocurrency has already been widely adopted by the majority. The central banks and the traditional financial system can no longer be trusted, as fiat money was being printed at an alarming rate. Inflation skyrockets, and many who chose not to adopt or were slow to adopt cryptocurrency were left in debt and destitution. With all the traditional financial institutions virtually dysfunctional, there is no one else left to save those poor souls.
Fortunately, there are still some cryptocurrency whales who are ready to lend their hands. These rich whales are willing to carve out a portion of their unfathomable wealth and share it with those in need. However, there is a catch: those who want a share of the wealth will need to participate in the secret Keopi Game, where participants are pitted against each other in a life-and-death battle while the rich spectate for amusement. The winners of the game are rewarded generously while the losers are eliminated.
Keopi Game is run by a group of Keopi Guards, who maintain the laws and orders of the game. The Keopi Guards also act as the eliminator, eliminating any participants who failed to win the game. Not much is known about Keopi Guards. No one knows where they came from or what they look like. But there is one thing the very few who have faced them and lived to tell the tale all said: Keopi Guards are ruthless and cold-blooded operators, who are desensitized from all kinds of emotions. Whether it’s sadness, empathy, anger, guilt, or remorse, they do not feel any of it.
For doing all the shenanigans no man could mentally bear to do and for keeping Keopi Game a secret from the public, the Keopi Guards are generously compensated by the rich who fund the Keopi Game. The Keopi Guards store their compensation in the form of boosted LATTE rewards.
Are you looking to maximize your yields from farming at LatteSwap? Get a share of Keopi Guard’s compensation by staking the Keopi Guard Booster NFT along with any LatteSwap LP tokens!
The Keopi Guard Booster NFT is highly exclusive and can only be obtained by winning Round 6 of the Keopi Game.

OG NFT Series

Light Roast Espresso

Light Roast Espresso AKA Lil Rose - The Aspiring Rap Icon
Light Roast Espresso, or Lil Rose as everyone calls him, is the youngest of the Espresso siblings. The most carefree of his siblings, he has always had a passion for rap music and the hip hop culture. Inspired by the likes of Migos and Travis Scott, Light Roast aspires to become a global rap icon and travel the world to perform his own original music. If you have listened to any of his rhymes, you would know that his aspiration is not far-fetched in the slightest.
His gifted ability to write rap songs was years in the making. Light Roast started writing rap music when he was just five years old! But back then, there was no outlet for him to showcase his talent––though it was quite entertaining for his family to watch their little man rap about his cereal box. As someone who truly believes in the motto, “If opportunities don’t knock, build a door,” Light Roast learned in time to create opportunities to put his talent to good use. One of these ways was done by picking fights.
When kids get into a fight, some shove, some throw punches, and some just cry. But Light Roast was different – he was no ordinary kid. After Light Roast got into a fight with someone at school, he wrote diss tracks about them and uploaded them to Soundcloud. Over the span of his three years in middle school, he had written over 150 diss tracks – that’s on average an impressive 1 diss track per week! His classmates, his teachers, the school nurse, the janitor – he had probably dissed them all.
As he got older, he became infamous in his city for his array of diss tracks. His music may sound palatable at first listen, but the meaning of his lyrics can pierce the hearts of even the strongest foes. This is how he earned his stage name “Lil Rose” - his rhymes are beautiful, but have deep, piercing truth behind them.
Lil Rose decided to move to New York City after graduating high school to pursue his rap career and immerse himself fully in hip-hop culture. Like his siblings, he lives a lavish lifestyle with the funds he receives from his father as dividend payment. He purchased a 6,000 square foot Manhattan penthouse on the 88th floor of a Manhattan skyscraper, which he used to build his own recording studio .
Would you like Light Roast (or Lil Rose) to leverage his rap skills and help you roast your biggest enemy? Join him on his journey to his superstardom!

Medium Roast Espresso

Medium Roast Espresso - The Voguish Fashionista
Medium Roast Espresso, or Medium Roast for short, is the middle child to Master Barista. Medium Roast is sweet and her sweetness translates over to the way she dresses and her love for fashion. As a child, she showed up to class daily with the most fashionable clothes. Wherever she went, she needed to have the best outfit among the people around her. Even in PE class, when her elementary school friends wore Nike or Adidas, she wore Gucci and Louis Vuitton just to make a statement.
Most students learn the meaning of the word "superfluous”, which means “super extra" in high school when they are preparing for the SAT. Medium Roast’s classmates, however, learned it as early as in kindergarten––without actually knowing it––just by being in the same class as her because Medium Roast embodied the word so perfectly. Her father, Master Barista, asked her once why she needed to follow all the fashion trends, to which she replied, "I don't follow fashion trends. I set them."
As she grew up, her passion for fashion grew with her. When she turned eighteen, she moved to Paris to pursue her love for fashion in the world's fashion capital — not as a designer, but as a shopper. Like her siblings, she lives off of dividend payments from her father. And although her share is not the biggest out of the three siblings, it is still substantial enough to allow her to buy whatever designer clothes she wants without a second thought.
As you may imagine, Medium Roast is terrible at managing money. She squanders it by buying designer clothes and shoes nonstop––leaving no room for investments or savings of her own. Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist of the HBO franchise Sex and the City, once said, “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.” There is no one principle Medium Roast abides by more religiously than that one.
It's not that Medium Roast doesn't see the value of her money. It's that looking fashionable means so much to her and to her, looking fashionable means not wearing the same clothes twice. This is why Medium Roast owns multiple high-rises which act solely as storage for her outfits.
Would you like to go on a shopping spree with Medium Roast? Do you like designer clothes, bags, and accessories? Come forth! Medium Roast needs a shopping partner!

Dark Roast Espresso

Dark Roast Espresso - The Competitive Gambler
Dark Roast Espresso, or just Dark Roast as people call him, is the eldest Espresso sibling, and is also the most bitter. He was sad and unhappy all of the time. His bitterness stems from the internal clash between his desire to make his father, Master Barista, proud and his inability to do so. Master Barista loves his children dearly, but Dark Roast always feels like he has to prove something to his father––even if his father is busy turning his head the other way. He earnestly believes that the only achievement that can earn the pride of his father is success. And success in his dictionary is having a lot of money.
As the eldest, he receives the largest fraction of his father's dividend payments. But receiving the most also weighs heavily on him, and he feels that he needs to generate high returns on his father's money. However, his way of growing wealth may seem unorthodox to many investors.
If you ask traders where to invest your money, many will tell you about the wide variety of blue-chip tech stocks. If you pose the question to crypto investors, you will learn all about BTC, ETH, and LATTE. But, if you ask Dark Roast, he will tell you in his no-nonsense method that there is no better way to generate spectacular returns than betting. Betting is not always a bad thing if you make money, of course. But that was not always the case for Dark Roast. Actually, that was never the case for Dark Roast.
Dark Roast never had luck in gambling, but he certainly became addicted to the game. He always finds himself on the losing side of a bet which makes him even more determined to prove himself by winning back his money. In fact, there is truth to his answer to your question: if you know when Dark Roast is making a bet and which side he takes, you should sell all your crypto, sell your house, go to an ATM, and bet all of your money against him. It's a risk-free return.
As he loses more and more money, he becomes more and more bitter. But even after having lost so much money, he still believes in his greatness as a gambler. Even now, you may see him in a casino doubling down to try to recover his losses. Doubling down might be easy to do for Dark Roast, but making the right call is tough. People may call him delusional, but Dark Roast calls it having faith.
Dark Roast currently lives in Macau, where he frequents various casinos. Every day he enters with fresh hope of recovering years of lost wealth, only to lose more of it in a matter of hours. Do you think you can help Dark Roast make the next winning bet? Join him for a trip to the casino!

Master Barista

Master Barista - The Ruler of the Latte Universe
Master Barista is the god of the coffee, the ruler of the Latte universe, the father of the three espresso siblings, and most importantly, the being that ensures that any coffee lover gets a boost on productivity when consuming his coffee. Have you ever woken up feeling demotivated, sad, and unproductive but felt the complete opposite after just a sip of coffee? You have Master Barista to thank for such an experience– that was him working his magic! In fact, Master Barista has played a huge part in the advancement of humanity. Stock markets, e-commerce, social media, logistics, renewable energy, and cryptocurrency – all of these advancements have Master Barista to thank. Imagine the world without coffee. Do you think humans would have been as productive as we have been in the past years without such a gift?
Before Master Barista became who he is today, he was just another ordinary human. While in his human form, Master Barista was a goat herder, who lived in modern day Ethiopia. One day, Master Barista realized that the crops he used to feed his goats was depleting quickly, and he needed to find an alternative source to ensure the survival of his goats. Destiny or not, Master Barista one day came across a forest made up of trees with ripe, dark red berries – when Master Barista found those berries, he jumped with joy, thinking that he was finally able to supply his goats with proper sustenance. He brought a huge bag of those dark red berries with him, hoping to feed his goats.
That night, Master Barista couldn’t sleep. It was not because he was worried about his goats’ well-being, but rather it was because his goats were making loud noises, disturbing him greatly. When he exited his cottage to see what was going on, he was surprised to find that his goats were running around and banging their heads against one another to the point where he thought they were possessed by Satan. Using his deduction skill, he realized that it must have been caused by the berries that were fed to them.
The next morning, Master Barista tried those same berries he fed to his goats the evening prior. A few minutes later, he got so energetic he couldn’t stand still. He leveraged his burst of energy to his advantage, finishing all the things he had to do that day in half the amount of time he usually did. That was when Master Barista realized that he had just made a ground-breaking discovery of what we know today as coffee.
He quickly shared the news with the local abbot who lived nearby. The abbot made a drink from those berries and consumed it. That night, the abbot was alert throughout the entirety of his evening prayers. Since then, coffee berries have been popularized and known as the ‘energizing berry’. It has in time made its way through the Arabian peninsula, Europe, and then all over the world.
When Master Barista passed away, he stood before God who rewarded him for his impactful discovery to humanity with a magical staff, powered by the golden coffee bean. Upon wielding the staff, an immense power was bestowed upon him, turning him into a coffee cup-shaped deity, netting him magical powers, immortality, and the status of a supreme being. Not only does the magical staff gives him magical power, but it also generates him colossal amounts of wealth in LATTE tokens whenever anyone drinks coffee and have their productivity improved – hence why he’s able to provide such lavish lifestyles for each of his children.
Would you like to befriend the god of coffee? Do you want to share this massive wealth with him? Join other Baristas for the opportunity to auction for him - more details coming soon!