Yield Farming

LATTE staking Pool

To reward LATTE token holders, we have created a LATTE staking pool. When you make a deposit of LATTE token into the staking vault, you will receive BEAN token in return (The ratio will be 1 LATTE : 1 BEAN). We have selected this architecture to allow for users to earn multiple reward opportunities at the same time. For example, in the future, BEAN tokens can be used to earn additional rewards on DripBar.
You will need BEAN token to redeem back your staked LATTE. So please make sure to keep them secure.
BEAN contract address: 0x498A9a097291852eDbfed7dFfFf807356BA7aEbeโ€‹

LP Token Yield Farming

LatteSwap offers a yield farming feature to all of our baristas. You can stake LatteSwap LP tokens to earn LATTE rewards. In addition, you can use booster NFT to earn higher rewards APR%
If you are new to yield farming, you can visit our guide here on how to add Liquidity and here on how to stake your LP tokens.