How to Play Keopi Game
To participate in our Keopi Game, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Purchase Participation Pass

You will need a participation pass to participate in the game. The price for the pass will be equivalent to $5 in LATTE tokens. (We will take a snapshot of LATTEโ€™s current market price to determine entry amount for each round.) Of course, you can buy as many passes as you want to increase your chance of winning. Passes purchased are only valid for that game. The game will be held three times a day at 04:00, 12:00, and 20:00 UTC.

Step 2: Reveal your fate

Each game consists of six rounds, with each round lasting 30 minutes. Before each round ends, you must check your fate to see whether you have been eliminated or have survived the round. Your fate will be determined at random based on Chainlinkโ€™s VRF function. If you fail to check your fate before the round ends, you will automatically be eliminated. So, make sure to grab a cup of latte and donโ€™t doze off!
After clicking the "REVEAL FATE" button, a notification from MetaMask will pop-up, prompting you to approve transaction. Please click "Approve" to proceed.

Step 3: Vote to Stop or Continue

If you survive the round, you, along with other survivors will be asked to vote whether to continue to the next round or end the game. If the majority votes to stop, the game will end. Otherwise, all survivors will proceed to the next round.
Click on the "VOTE" button to vote whether to proceed to the next round or stop the game.
Click on the green button on the right to vote to continue and click on the red button on the left to vote to end the game early.

Step 4: Claim your prize

Once the game ends, winners can claim their prizes directly on the Keopi Game page. If there are more than one winners, the prizes will be split equally among them. The winners who survive until the end of the 6th round will also receive an exclusive Booster NFT as an added bonus.
Please note that any unclaimed rewards within the 30 minutes of the last round will be rolled over to the next Keopi Game.
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