Setting Up Your Wallet
To participate in LatteSwap, every Barista must first have a digital wallet. If you do not have one yet, we'd like to recommend you set one up using MetaMask, as it is one of the most secured, easy-to-use, and most popular digital wallet applications across the crypto space. Content discussed in this page:

How to set up your MetaMask wallet

Step 1: Head over to
Step 2: Download and install the MetaMask version compatible with your browser (Chrome/IOS/Android).
Step 3: After download is completed, click on "Get Started."
Step 4: Click "Create a Wallet."
Step 5: Agree or disagree to information collection.
Step 6: Create your password (You won't need a username).
Step 7: Write down the backup seed phrase, which is made up of 12 words, somewhere secret (preferably not on an Internet-connected device). Anyone who has this phrase can access your assets and do as they please with them. So don't ever give it to anyone! Also, without this phrase, your funds canโ€™t be recovered if your device is damaged or lost.
Step 8: Congratulations, your wallet has successfully been created! Your account number or wallet address will look something like this: 0x832Ce090111bCdBk3w2176ad94C945FD7c0542f2 or as seen in the photo below: 0x832C...42f2. If you click on this number (abbreviated below "Account 1"), your computer will automatically copy the address.
Step 9: If you already own cryptocurrencies you can add assets by copying your wallet address and sending the assets you own to that address.

Connecting Your Wallet to BSC

By default, Metamask Wallet does not include the BSC network. Since LatteSwap is run on the BSC network, you will need to add it manually. Follow the directions at the following URL: When youโ€™re ready to add the BSC network, enter the parameters of BSC below and press Save: 1. Network Name: Smart Chain 2. New RPC URL: 3. ChainID: 56 4. Symbol: BNB 5. Block Explorer URL:

Adding LATTE Tokens to Your Wallet

In order for your tokens to display in your wallet, you need to add the token first. Let's start by adding LATTE to your wallet!
Step 1: Open MetaMask again. If you cannot find the extension, click the puzzle piece in the top right corner of your browser. You can pin MetaMask to your extensions for easier access as well.
Step 2: Click "Add Token."
Step 3: Click "Custom Token." Step 4: Copy the following contract address for LATTE token: 0x8D78C2ff1fB4FBA08c7691Dfeac7bB425a91c81Aโ€‹
Step 5: Paste the LATTE token contract address into the highlighted box and click "Next."
Step 6: Click "Add Token," and you should now see the LATTE token in your wallet.