Transferring NFTs to Other Wallets
Step 1: Go to the following contract address based on the type of NFTs you'd like to transfer:
Step 2: Connect to your web3 wallet
Step 3A: Scroll down to 17.transferFrom if you are transferring Booster NFT:
Step 3B: Scroll down to 22.transferFrom if you are transferring OG NFT:
Step 4: Input all the relevant information into the three blank fields
  • from: This is your address (Sender)
  • to: Recipient's Address
  • tokenid: Your ERC-721 ID number (check in Gallery - see ref below)
You do not need to input ID or the leading 0's - in the case above, the ID should be 266
Step 5: Once all the information has been inputted into the fields, click Write. Once you confirm the transaction on MetaMask and it is processed, your NFT should be on its way to the destination wallet!
We are building our own NFT marketplace, where you can buy/sell your NFTs there. It is scheduled for launch in Q4. Please stay tuned!
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